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Machine Vision 2.0: What's Next for Vision Systems?

Our new eBook takes a look back at the relationship between man and machine, and how far this interdependability has progressed. 

Being on this information and vision journey for over two decades, we've seen and in many ways facilitated the growth of machine vision within the industry.

3D vision and deep learning are, in essence, the pillars of modern day machine vision. The technological advancements of each have resulted in the dawn of a new era of vision innovation. Our eBook explores the relationship between man and machine, and the role vision systems play. We discuss and break down vision elements like:

  • Machine vision in business, today and tomorrow
  • What is machine vision 2.0
  • What is driving advancements in machine vision?
  • Embedded vision: Camera and AI all-in-one 
  • Machine vision interfaces

Learn all about the future of machine vision, or "machine vision 2.0" as we've come to call it, in this new, exciting guide. 

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