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Next Webinar: Thermal Imaging | 29th March, 09:15am

An introduction to thermal machine vision led by certified vision experts.


On 29th March, machine vision experts from Clearview will be hosting a live webinar exploring thermal imaging technology and how it applies to many industries and applications.

Join us as we introduce how thermal imaging relies on infrared light in order to see heat, cover essential subtopics including Emissivity, and walk you through the different hardware and software configurations that can deliver the most accurate results. Here we’ll unveil the latest advancements and applications of thermal imaging, and demonstrate why this exciting strand of machine vision is paving the way for the future.


Topics covered:

  1. History of Thermal Imaging
  2. Infrared Explained
  3. Why use Thermal Imaging?
  4. What is Emissivity?
  5. Setting up a Thermal Vision System
  6. Applications & Demonstrations
  7. Q&A


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