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3D PRO Laser Modules

3D PRO Laser Modules


Compact, configurable laser modules tailored to your needs

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures easy to use, plug and play laser diode modules for a wide range of laser applications including uniform laser lines and DOE patterns for machine vision and rugged laser modules for industrial alignment applications. ProPhotonix also partners with leading manufacturers to develop laser modules for life science applications, scientific instrumentation, particle measurement, 3D printing and more. Diode laser modules are available in a wide variety of wavelengths, output powers, beam shapes and with a variety of electronic functionality and form factors. Wavelengths from 405nm to 1300nm are available with maximum output power up to 2W. Circular and elliptical spot, Gaussian and uniform lines and various diffractive optical patterns are also available. In terms of electronics, ProPhotonix can offer CW, pulsed or TTL modulation options. Temperature stabilized (TE cooled) laser modules are also possible.

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