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Blueberry Pack EN

Eliminate Label Errors

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Incorrect over-printed data

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Incorrect label

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Poor print quality

Checkmate Pro
CM Pro

In-line verification unit with reject bin. (install in a newly created conveyor gap)

Download Datasheet
Checkmate Flex 2
CM Flex

On-line verification heads with alerts & line stops. (install over existing conveyors)

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Checkmate Print
CM Print

The CheckMate Print Head unit is based on industrial grade, IP67 smart camera technology and proven, patented algorithms built around dot matrix printing, and is able to verify legibility rather than simple comparison of continuous ink-jet (CIJ) codes

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Checkmate QA
Checkmate QA

- Off-line verification unit with quality alerts

- Install on factory floor or in QA lab

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CheckMate Control Point
CM Control
- Multi-line management suite
- Manage verifications jobs, schedules and over printed data (e.g. BBE dates).

Machine Vision Components and Systems

If you are looking for a range of components to design and manufacture your own Vision System, or are interested in our standard Vision Systems, please view our product page.
  • Cameras
  • Smart cameras
  • 3D cameras
  • Software
  • Embedded systems
  • Frame grabbers
  • Illumination
  • Lenses
  • High performance computing
  • Vision systems
  • Cabling
  • Label verification

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