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We're billing our upcoming vision and machine learning event, as one of the best machine vision events for 2018.

Certainly a bold statement, but we're convinced that our FREE June 26th, Vision Innovations Event, is just that valuable. We're partnering with machine vision heavy-weights FLIR, to bring you this exciting and informative presentation. 

FLIR (previously Point Grey) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high-performance digital cameras for industrial, medical, life science, traffic and biometric applications.

Partnering with such experienced industry-heads bolsters our confidence that this vision event is not-to-be-missed. As part of our technology learning programme for 2018, we've prepared something for everyone from system-seekers, component specifiers and manufacturing organisations, to tech-teams and other machine vision aficionados. Expect exhibits, talks and live demos relating to the latest news and trends around:

  • Embedded and Edge Computing Systems
  • Transitioning from GigE to 10GigE
  • CMOS Image Sensor Technology (all the latest updates)
  • Deep Learning 
  • 3D Vision

Presentation 1 - Embedded and Edge Computing Systems for Vision Applications

Learn about how this versatile technology is implemented in a wide variety of applications while simultaneously reducing costs drastically. 

Presentation 2 - The Transition from GigE to 10GigE

We explore the benefits of this new technology upgrade, and how it integrates into your vision systems. 

Presentation 3 - Next Generation CMOS Image Sensor Technology

New on-sensor capabilities have been discovered with the advent of CMOS sensor tech evolution. From polarizers to hyper-spectral colour filter arrays, we unpack the latest advancements in sensor technology and how it opens doors to new applications for machine vision. 

Presentation 4 - 3D Vision and Deep Learning

These two innovations enable us to take on the latest challenges and application in machine vision. We discover just how much 3D Vision and Deep Learning has impacted the machine vision and learning industry and process.   

Register on our website to reserve your seat (fill in the form on the pop-up to your left) or contact us here.

DATE: Tuesday, 26th June 2018

VENUE: MTC - The Home for Inspiration of Great British Manufacturing, Antsy Park, Coventry, CV7 9JU




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