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Photonfocus has released its first camera platform, the MV4, which has further augmented its collection of innovative machine vision range of products.    

The new platform can be ideally paired with both GigE and 10GigE, to allow for highly streamlined interface connectivity.

This platform’s ease of use and minimalistic add-on requirements has made it a highly versatile and powerful tool in any machine vision arsenal.

Interface flexibility: the copper and fibre cable choices

Coupled with the 10GigE interface, which has a ten times higher bandwidth and frame rate than GigE, the platform can support both copper and fibre optic cables.In the instance where copper cables are used, the data transfer can be spread over an impressive distance of up to 100 meters.  Copper cabling also permits Power over Ethernet (PoE). 

Alternatively, glass fibre cable takes the whole platform up a notch, with a maximum data transfer distance of five kilometres effortlessly achievable.  Glass fibre is also fully insulated from electromagnetic interference.

CMOS sensor support

Photofocus has been a forerunner in the area of CMOS image sensor and camera technology, with close to two decades of experience under its belt. Subsequently, in tandem with flexible interface standards, MV4 camera platform supports a wide range of CMOS sensors, with up to 32 tabs. 

Photofocus has also comfortably taken up a leading position in the software-defined camera platform development, offering best solutions for a variety of applications.

Should you be interested in this product, or require more insight on its features, please contact us for more information.

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