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Covid- 19 Update: ClearView Imaging is still open for business as usual


Dear Valued Customer,
With the ever-changing situation around COVID-19, we want you to know that here at ClearView Imaging, we’re taking measures to protect our workforce and continue to operate as a business with minimal impact.
As of today, in order to protect our team members, we have implemented our work from home policy. We, of course, will still have a minimal workforce in the office to make certain we can continue to ship products out to you in a normal fashion. 
We have taken steps to ensure we have the right infrastructure, processes and contingency planning to ensure we can serve our customers despite working remotely and continuing to deliver quality service and machine vision products to you.
Our sales team are engaging in virtual meetings with customers and we have restricted all travel, whilst we following appropriate guidelines received from the World Health Organisation and local authorities.
As the UK situation develops, we will continue to monitor the different outcomes to ensure the smooth running of our regular, day-to-day operations. At present, our suppliers have minimal to no impact on their short-term product lead times although the medium-term and longer-term picture is still unknown.
Consequently, we will need as much time as possible in order to minimise impacts on any planned projects you may have and so if you have any concerns, we highly recommend you place any orders at your earliest opportunity so we can manage your delivery as smoothly as possible. The best thing we can ask our customers to do is to keep communicating with us.
Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.
The ClearView Imaging Team

01844 217 270



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