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FLIR has released its latest BFS-U3-51S5P-C machine vision camera, complete with Sony’s first image sensor with polarising filters, eliminating reflection and glare issues.

This innovative sensor has added to the appeal of FLIR’s already highly versatile Blackfly S. This compact, high performance machine vision camera allows very precise image production and accelerated application development.

The new IMX250MZR’s on-sensor polarimetry, high-speed global shutter readout, and compact, low-power package makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Polarised light: enabling wider applications and better results

The IMX250MZR sensor allows the user to take advantage of polarised light for many application, as it eliminates the effects of reflection and glare on surfaces such as glass, plastic and metal.

Unmanned Ariel Systems (UAS) will benefit as they typically operate outside in uncontrolled lighting conditions. The IMX250MZR enables fast adjustment of polarisation parameters to allow for changing light, in turn improving the accuracy of UAS orientation.

This sensor will also help improve traffic enforcement systems by removing windscreen glare, helping officers identify seatbelt and mobile device violations.

Lower crosstalk between pixels using micro-polariser arrays

IMX250MZR contains a layer of nanowire micro-polariser arrays above the sensor’s photodiodes. Each layer’s array has four polarisers set at different angles, placed over one of four pixels in a 2x2 block on the sensor. There’s also an array of micro lenses on top of the polariser layer of the sensor, with the aim of reducing interpixel crosstalk.

Linear interpolarisation of the light travelling between these polarisers allows for the calculation of AoLP and DoLP, resulting in false colour images that can detect the smallest defects on a material.

Blackfly S BFS-U3-51S5P-C features

  • Multidirectional on-sensor polarising filters
  • Sony Pregius Global Shutter technology
  • 5.0MP @ 75 FPS over USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface
  • 240MB frame buffer, for maximum data reliability
  • Supports LUT, gamma, Logic Blocks and advanced auto exposure
  • Compact form factor, 29x29x30mm

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